Conversation practice instructions

Part 1: Elements of a virtual video conversation practice session

A virtual conversation practice session allows you to practice a back and forth conversation in a foreign language. There are three important elements that you’ll need to know about to do a conversation practice session.

Element #1:  The video

At the top of the screen you’ll see a short video.  Press play to begin the conversation practice session and after a brief intro, the session with your virtual conversation practice partner will begin.

Element#2:  The text for the conversation on the screen.                                         
The text for each conversation will always be to the right of your virtual conversation practice partner.

Element #3:  The speaking symbol

Whenever you hear a pause, you’ll know that it’s your turn to speak.  Whenever you see the speaking symbol pictured above beside a sentence, it means that you should say that sentence out loud.

Part 2:  How to do your virtual conversation practice session

In the 35 second demo below you’ll see exactly how to do your conversation out loud, first as person B, then as person A.


Part 3:  What to do if you don’t understand the conversation

If you look at the conversation on the screen and understand all the words and the grammar then you can begin your virtual conversation practice session immediately. However, if you need a quick lesson before doing the conversation, just click on the podcast mp3 player right below the video before doing the video.  An example lesson for conversation 1 is below.

That’s everything you need to know to do your first virtual video conversation practice session. Have fun trying a conversation practice session now!