Beginner Spanish: Conversation 8

If you need a little help before you start the conversation, why not have a quick audio lesson first? Just click play on the player below for a quick prep-lesson. Your instructor Manuel will explain everything you need to know to really ace your conversation practice session!

Topic:  Making a reservation

A: Disculpe. No tengo una reserva. ¿Hay alguna habitación disponible?
B: Sí. De hecho, tenemos disponibles dos habitaciones individuales.
A: Eso es perfecto. ¿Cuánto cuesta la noche?
B: Son 65.00 por noche en una habitación individual.
A: De acuerdo, la tomaré.

English cheat sheet

A: Excuse me. I don’t have a reservation.  Do you have any rooms available?
B: Yes we do actually. We have two single rooms.
A: That’s perfect.  How much is it per night?
B: It’s $65.00 per night for a single room.
A: Ok I’ll take it.

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