Beginner Japanese: Conversation 3

If you need a little help before you start the conversation, why not have a quick audio lesson first? Just click play on the player below for a quick prep-lesson. Your instructor Theo will explain everything you need to know to really ace your conversation practice session!

Beginner Japanese:  Conversation 3
Topic: Asking for and giving directions

A: Sumimasen, koko wa doko desu ka?
B: Shibuya Eki desu.
A: Gomennasai, kiki toremasen deshita.
B: Shibuya Eki desu.
A: Aaa, Shibuya Eki desu ka, arigatougozaimasu.
B: Douitashimasite.


English cheat sheet

A: Excuse me, where is this?
B: It’s Shibuya Station.
A: I’m sorry. I didn’t catch that.
B: It’s Shibuya Station.
A: Oh, Shibuya Station…. Thank you.
B: You’re welcome.

Starring Shoko and you

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